1. Daily / Hourly Rates. All fees can only be negotiated by Premier Hair & Make Up . All fees are based on the quoted daily rate a minimum booking is for no less than 4 hours. The days booking is for an 8 hour day including 1 hour lunch break (Shops Act 1950). Vat and agreed expenses are added where appropriate. Please note a 10% surcharge will be incurred for any expenses that Premier Hair & Make Up pay for, e.g. Flights, Hotels, Hair pieces or Make up accessories etc. that are required by the client.

2. Overtime. Overtime rates apply before 9.00am after 6.00pm and on all bookings of over 8 hours
a) The overtime rate is 1 ½ times the normal hourly rate between 09.00 and 24.00
b) A special rate is negotiated for night work between midnight and 09.00 hours.
c) Work on Saturdays is at 1 ½ times the normal rate.
d) Work at weekends and bank holidays is at double the normal rate.

3. Usage. An additional rate is payable for any extra use of any work that is carried out by an artist at Premier. The client is responsible for negotiating the rate with the agency.

4. Travel. Travel time will be charged at 50% of the agreed day rate.

5. Supplementary Fees. A Supplement fee of 10% + VAT is chargeable on all fees, including usage fees.

6. Invoicing. All fees, (Including agency fees, expenses and VAT were applicable) are invoiced by the agency.

7. Payment. All invoices are payable within 30 days or prior to the commencement of use. (See section 3) whichever is the sooner. Interest will be added at the rate of 3% (Barclays Bank Base Rate) per month or part thereof to all overdue invoices. Debtors will be responsible for any costs that may be incurred.

8. Location Bookings. If an artist working on location is prevented by the client from returning to London to work, half the daily fee is payable.

Provisional Bookings.
Provisional bookings are automatically cancelled if they are not confirmed within 24 hours of the proposed booking or if a definite booking is offered and the provisional cannot be confirmed.

If a booking is cancelled within one working day of the starting time, the full fee is chargeable unless the same artist is re-booked within 24 hours in which case half the fee is charged.
a) If a booking is cancelled outside the one-day period but within two working days of the starting time, half the fee is charged.
b) This is a reciprocal arrangement between artist and client.

Weather Permitting Bookings.
At the first cancellation a half fee is charged (unless the client fails to cancel in time to prevent the artists attendance, when the full fee is payable). At the second cancellation the full fee is charged.

A photographer is not entitled to use test and experimental photographs for commercial purpose unless specific arrangements have been made with the agency before the photographic session takes place.

Location Booking.
When a location booking is made the client must provide accurate and detailed information about transport to and from the location.

Clients are responsible for Artists meals on all bookings outside the London area.

Any cause for complaint should be reported to the agency immediately. Complaints cannot be considered in retrospect.

Please note
We reserve the right to negotiate within the structure of these terms & conditions.